The Top 6 Penis Enlargement Procedures

The Top 6 Penis Enlargement Procedures

There are plenty of options out there for the man who thinks he’s too small, well, down there.

Today we are going to discuss the top of the list procedures for men to consider when it comes to making their male anatomy bigger.

And while there are more options out there for enlarging your penis, we’ll only talk about half of them.

If you’re considering this type of male enhancement, we also suggest you speak with your doctor.

By doing so the two of you can find a plan that works best for you.

First, however, let’s talk about why a man would want to enlarge his penis in the first place.

This is something that isn’t difficult to understand by trying to remember one thing…when a woman says she doesn’t care about the size of your penis, she means it.

Women really only care about one thing…the penis itself and using it to pleasure themselves.

A bigger penis doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have better sex, it simply means you’ll have a bigger penis.

What you do with it, and how you use it, is up to you.

It’s true that as men age the penis begins to lose its’ luster.

It doesn’t get hard as fast and it doesn’t stay erect as long as it should. That’s why we’re here, to help you out in that department.

Enlargement Pills

While some men shell out big bucks to try out enlargement pills, know that this isn’t always the case.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money trying out pills when many companies are more than happy to send you a free trial of their product.

By participating in a free trial you have the opportunity to determine if something works before actually paying for it.

While many of these companies claim their products are safe and effective, you’ll need to determine this for yourself.

Penis Extender

The penis extender system is a favorite among men who wish to make their penis bigger.

Unlike enlargement pills, the penis extender is backed by scientific studies that do show an enlargement in penis size.

They are recommended by doctors all across the globe.

Did you know that the penis extender is the most popular way to make the penis larger?

Combination of Methods

Most men want to be successful in the bedroom and some men will do anything to make this happen–even trying several different methods at once to enlarge their penis.

Some exercise their penis while taking supplements while making sure at the same time they get their vitamins and minerals.

Doing all of these at once, of course, has its’ risks.

There is no guarantee that by doing any of the above, that your penis will get bigger.

What’s important is that you stick to a routine that you feel is best for you.

If you notice that your penis is larger and that your performance is better in the bedroom, then keep at it.

If what you’re doing isn’t working, it might be time to try something new.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is becoming quite popular when it comes to enhancing the male anatomy.

It’s so popular in fact that it’s become one of the most sought-after procedures when it comes to plastic surgery.

Yes, penis enlargement is considered plastic surgery.

Did you know that Germany is the most popular country for penis enlargement procedures?

One in every five procedures is performed in Germany.

It’s also become more acceptable than it has been in the past.

Penis enlargement surgery is actually called Phalloplasty and it can enlarge a penis by about an inch.

Other surgeries are out there that will enhance the width of the penis as well.

When should one consider penis enlargement surgery?

Do you feel as though your penis is rather small in proportion to the rest of your body?

Would you like to feel more confident in the bedroom? Would a larger penis help you score with the ladies?

Have you been diagnosed with a micro-penis? A micro-penis is an erect penis that is three inches in size or less.

Have you been diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease? Peyronie’s Disease is when a man experiences a bent penis or a painful erection.

Liposuction/Pectoral Implants/Abdominal Etching

Some men consider glandular enhancement which also helps to enlarge the coronal ridge of the glans penis.

Silicone Penis Implant

A surgeon in Los Angeles has invented the silicone penis but for many men the cost is unrealistic.

At $13,000 dollars, the surgery is likely only for the rich and famous, or possibly those with amazing insurance.

The invention is called the Penuma and it only comes in one size….that would be large.

Did you know that the average erect penis is five inches long? For some men, this is too small…because after all, no man wants a small penis.

When considering penis enlargement options, consider both the pros and the cons of having the procedure done. We’ll start with the pros…

Pros of Penis Enlargement

If any of the above procedures do work, and there is no guarantee that they will, you’ll have a bigger, wider penis which will certainly help in the bedroom.

You’ll gain confidence and have more fun between the sheets.

If choosing surgery you can lengthen and widen your penis all at the same time.

You may even experience a sense of masculinity and potency.

Cons of Penis Enlargement

If you choose surgery as your method of enlargement you might experience some pain along with your downtime.

During that downtime, you might need to sit on the couch with a bag of frozen peas on your penis.

You won’t be using it in the bedroom until you get the go-ahead from the doctor that performed the surgery.

With the exception of having surgery, there is no guaranteed method that will enlarge your penis.

You might end up disappointed if you’ve tried everything and you haven’t noticed a change in size.

Consider as well, that the need for a larger penis might be in your head.

While no man wants a small penis, you might need to settle for the one you were given.

Having your penis enlarged is also non-reversible.

Once you have the surgery there is no going back.

Think long and hard before having any sort of penis enlargement done to your body.

No pun intended there, of course.

Are you considering penis enlargement? The choice is up to you. Only you can decide what is right for you, and what is right for your body. Talk to our doctor to determine if penis enlargement is right for you.

The Top 5 Foods to Eat for Male Health

The Top 5 Foods to Eat for Male Health

Food is very important to the daily life of a human being, due to various reasons.

The most important is the ability to supply the necessary nutrients, required for the proper functioning of the body.

If that is not the case, the body immunity will get weak, putting you in a pole position to succumb to diseases.

As a man, you might hit the gym always, but that will not offer significant help to your health.

It will only be facilitating the growth of muscles, leaving behind your health aspect.

There are some extras you need to take care of to get a healthy and fit body, that prevents you from many diseases.

The foods you eat and skip do have a major impact on your health, since they contain important nutrients, that your body needs.

Once you consume them as a man, they go a long way to performing some significant tasks in your body.

I am pretty sure you are wondering about the types of foods that have been recommended for the improvement of your health as a man.

Do not worry, because here we are going to look at some foods that have a significant impact on the male health.

They include;

1.Eat more berries

Quite often you have sneaked into your neighbor’s firm and stole some berries, an undertaking that you did not help boasting about.

I suppose this was when you were young, primitive and with a higher craving for berries which obviously are very sweet.

Maybe at the moment, you were not sure about their significance to your health, because you were just enjoying the much-sought-for sweetness.

Berries go a long way toward enhancing your male health, due to the properties and nutrition it offers.

They contain antioxidants which go a long way in preventing the slowing down of brain functions, which is normal as you start to age.

So basically, it replenishes your brain functions, making them remain at the required standard, in order for you to make rational decisions.

So how do you integrate these berries into your diet? You can do so by simply adding berries to a cereal breakfast or just by eating them as a snack.

Be rest assured that the results will be overwhelming since your brain health will be highly nourished.

2.More Whole Grains

The health of your heart is very important to you as a man, because of the strenuous activities that you are bound to engage in.

So, there is need to really supply it with the necessary nutrients to maintain a nice heart, in preparation to handle such tasks.

Whole grains play an important role in this regard, due to its high fiber benefits, required by the heart.

They improve the health of your heart by strengthening it, because of the reliable nutrients that are supplied.

The most efficient source of whole grains for men is, organic whole grain bread.

With these whole grains, you gain 5 grams of fiber,22 grams of whole grains and 5 grams of protein.

Men can also get whole grains with their turkey sandwich.


Eating more sauerkraut will do you enough good as a man, due to the significant nutrients, it offers to your body.

70% of human beings’ immune system exists in the gut, but many people, to be specific men do forget taking probiotics, which is essential in maintaining stomach health and happiness.

The immune system, ensures that our bodies are fighting well against diseases, thus the need to be strengthened always.

You can eat sauerkraut together with a burger or a hot dog, which do not offer any problems to the gut, as they are easy to digest.

You can also add, chicken breast or turkey burger to ensure taste, but it also acts as a perfect probiotics source.

4.Eat less fatty meats

Most people are into meat eating, especially men, who cannot resist eating roasted meat, mostly during holidays.

This is quite a norm among men, especially after work and with the need to reward themselves by taking meat.

Unfortunately, they take this meat alongside a bottle of beer that also affects their health.

Though it is a sweet delicacy, it comes with some dire consequences, that will negatively affect your health.

Bacon, a type of fatty acids is very delicious, however not the best protein choice for your health.

This is because it is loaded with both saturated and sodium fats, that are linked to causing heart diseases and increase blood pressure.

In case you cannot avoid eating these fatty meats, you can go ahead to satisfy your craving but in a moderate and sparing manner.

But it will be fair enough if you find a perfect substitute for instance whole grains, that do provide you with enough proteins.

5.Fatty fish

Even if you hit hard the gym, run and pump much iron in your body, some TLC is of great importance to you.

The TLC goes a long way to enhancing your circulation system to keep working at the required pace.

Salmon, Trout, Sardines, and Tuna are fatty acids which offer good supplements for your meal schedule.

They supply Omega-3 fatty acids, which is a perfect source of vitamin D, that is normally low in the men’s diet and has to be taken twice every week.

With these important benefits fatty fish brings to your body, it will be better if you incorporated it in your diet.

The results will be, a better health for you, minus any diseases.


Personal health is something that is to be esteemed with much great importance.

This is because it ensures you are able to carry out your activities in the most efficient manner.

A man has a tendency of not having a well-articulated diet, that is just their nature.

However, in order to enhance their male health, great significance has to be given to the foods they take.

This is to ensure the body gets served with the necessary nutrients, to perform tasks with a well-preserved health.

A Basic Guide to Colon Cancer

A Basic Guide to Colon Cancer

Colon cancer, as its name suggests, is a disease that affects the colon.

The colon is a tube-shaped organ, located in the abdomen, which forms the last part of the gastrointestinal system.

It twists and turns a lot, so its length is over 4 feet.

The functions of the colon are to reabsorb fluids and create the concentrated fecal material, which is then stored and eliminated from the colon when the time comes.

The end of the colon is called rectum. The rectum and the colon together form the large intestine.

When colon cancer occurs, tumors appear on the inner walls of the large intestine.

There are two types of tumors – benign tumors, also called polyps, which are not dangerous, and malignant tumors, which are the cancer.

Polyps do not spread to other cells and tissues, and they can be easily removed.

Tumors, on the other hand, can spread and cause life-threatening complications.

Remember that a benign polyp will turn into a malignant tumor if it is not treated in time.

Once a colon cancer appears it will start to spread and attack other tissues and cells, and eventually, it can reach the lungs or the liver and form new tumors there.


The causes of colon cancer aren’t entirely known, but what is known is that some people are at a higher risk of developing colon cancer than others.

Those who consume large quantities of fats and those who have a history of colon cancer in the family are most likely to get colon cancer.

Smoking and alcohol also increase the risk.


The disease has almost no symptoms when it is in its early stages, and when it advances, the symptoms are different from one person to another, and they depend on the size of the cancer and its exact location.

The most commonly encountered symptoms of colon cancer are:

  • narrow stools
  • stool that contains blood
  • abdominal cramps and pain
  • excessive gas
  • weight loss
  • change in bowel habits

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above consult a doctor as fast as you can.

He or she will make several tests in order to establish a diagnosis.

Some people consider these tests to be embarrassing because among them there are rectal exams and fecal sample tests.

If the test results indicate colon cancer, then treatment must begin as soon as possible before it spreads to other areas.

Treatment Options

If you’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer, then your next step is to think about treatment.

Treatment options vary and will be determined by the stage of colon cancer and the location of the cancer.

Your oncologist will be able to give you the best advice on which treatment option is right for you.

This article is going to explain three of the most common treatments for colon cancer. Keep reading to gain a valuable education.

Surgery is a Standard Treatment for Colon Cancer

Surgery to remove all sections of the bowel that has been affected by cancer is a common treatment in all stages of colon cancer.

There are usually 3 common types of surgery that can be used to remove colon cancer. They are:

1. Local excision.

This is reserved for cancer that is found in the early stages.

The doctor will simply insert a tube into your rectum and advance it into the colon.

He will then be able to cut away the cancerous part of the colon.

If a polyp is involved, he can remove the polyp this way also. This is a fairly simple surgery and requires no incision.

2. Resection.

This is used if the cancer in the colon has become quite large.

The surgeon will make an incision into the abdomen and then remove part of the colon that is affected by the cancer.

He will also remove small sections of healthy tissue that surrounds the diseased section of the bowel.

Lymph nodes near the colon may be removed so they can be examined to determine if the cancer has spread.

The surgeon will then sew the two healthy ends of the bowel together.

3. Resection and colostomy.

Depending on the what part of the colon is affected and how much of the colon is involved, the surgeon may be unable to sew the healthy ends back together.

In that case, one end of the bowel will be brought through a hole that is made in the abdomen. This is called a stoma.

The patient will then need to wear a bag over the stoma because the waste is now being expelled through the stoma.

This is called a colostomy. Many people are able to lead normal lives after a colostomy.

Radiation to Treat Colon Cancer

Radiation can be high energy x-rays or other forms of radiation that is used to kill off cancer cells or to keep them from growing.

Radiation may be given externally, or it may be given internally through needles, seeds or catheters that are placed near the cancer.

The way radiation is used is determined by the location and the size of the cancer.

Chemotherapy Treatment for Colon Cancer

Chemotherapy drugs can be used to kill cancer cells or to stop them from spreading.

Chemotherapy can be injected into the vein or ingested through the mouth in the form of pills.

It can also be injected directly into the area that is affected by the cancer such as the abdomen or the spine.

All of these treatments may be used alone or in combination with each other.

A lot of patients that have surgery to remove part of the diseased colon will have chemotherapy or radiation to kill off any traveling cancer cells.

Colon cancer can be cured if caught early enough and contained. Stay in tune with your body and get regular check-ups.

While every opportunity has been taken to ensure that all information is correct and up to date at the time of writing, it is not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please ensure you always consult your health care specialist if you’re in any way concerned about your health.

It’s important to pay attention to the above colon cancer symptoms and consult your doctor for medical advice from time to time.