How to Find the Best Doctor for Men.

How to Find the Best Doctor for Men

Most men do not have time to go for regular health check-ups or even make time for doctor’s appointment.

However, as a man, being proactive about your health will help to increase your life expectancy and even improve the general quality of your life.

Finding the best doctor for yourself can be quite a daunting task. However, getting in touch with a good doctor for men will put you on the right track health wise.

This is because there are doctors who have specialized in ailments and diagnoses that are particular for men like prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction among others.

The following tips might help you find the best doctor for men.

1. Find out the best type of doctor for you.

For you to be able to find the best doctor, you need to determine which kind of doctor will be most suitable for your needs.

The best possible way you can be able to do so is to do a little background check of your medical history.

This will make it easy for you to know whether you need a specialist doctor or just a primary doctor.

If you have a history of suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, then you may need to settle for an internist.

An internist is more trained in examining organ systems and such kind of treatment. For a more holistic approach, a family doctor would be the best.

2. Determine what qualities you want in your ideal doctor.

Think of the ideal doctor like your perfect spouse.

What kind of qualities are you looking for? What are the kind of traits that would make you pick one doctor and not the other?

Come up with a list of qualities that you would like your doctor to have.

One useful tip that most men use is they end up picking a doctor with whom they have something in common.

3. Ask for referrals.

When you are looking for the best doctor for men, do not hesitate to ask around for referrals.

You can ask your close male friends or relatives about their own personal doctors and make a decision.

Make sure that you ask your friend why he prefers their doctor.

You might find they prefer a strict doctor yet you would want someone who is approachable and you can share absolutely anything concerning your health.

4. Search for online reviews.

It is virtually impossible to buy anything online without going through customer reviews.

Check the doctor’s clinic online website and other social media platforms to find out what clients are saying about the doctor.

Be careful because reviews might only review information that is shallow about the doctor but may not state the fact that he normally has the habit of prescribing expensive antibiotics for simple infections.

5. Confirm the panel size.

It is very important to find out how many patients your doctor sees on average.

A big panel size means that your doctor is a busy one. You do not want to settle for a doctor whom no one wants to see.

According to a study documented in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the average size of a doctor’s patient panel exceeds 2300 patients.

Also be careful of doctors who are too busy because they may not afford you enough time.

6. Inquire how you will reach your doctor.

It is important that you make inquiries on how you will be reaching your doctor in case of an emergency or any personal question

This you can ask the doctor’s office staff before you make your choice on having that particular doctor as your personal doctor.

There are instances where the doctor’s personal assistant will answer to your calls before transferring it to the doctor, or there are doctors that are more hands on and will answer your call personally.

It depends on what you are comfortable with.

If for instance you are nervous about lab results and one of the staff calls you, if you ask to personally talk to the doctor and the staffs denies you the chance, you might as well consider another specialist.

7. Get a good fit.

If you are looking to find the best doctor for men, you might find one with all the qualifications but there is still something that is not clicking between the two of you.

It is important that when you meet a new doctor, try to get a feel of him. Ask him a few questions but don’t get personal.

You might be surprised that you actually share a few things in common. This will make you feel comfortable sharing the medical issues that you may have

If your doctor is the kind of person who does not explain to you why he is making certain prescriptions for instance, quickly dismisses or avoids some of your questions, then you might have to consider another physician.

8. Brace yourself for the embarrassing questions.

If your doctor does not ask you the kind of questions that will make you go pink, then you might still need to look for another doctor.

Even when you meet him for the first time, expect a good doctor to ask you general questions about your family history as well as personal questions that would probably make you blush.

A good doctor ought to know that your personal life plays a big role in your health status.

So expect questions about your drinking habits, sexual life, sleep patterns among other things.

9. Get quality time.

Ensure that your doctor gives you quality time, otherwise what would be the essence of paying consultation fees?

Doctors can be quite busy, but good doctors still set aside quality time for their patients.

Make sure that you are satisfied with the amount of time that the doctor spends on you as a patient so that you get maximum benefit out of the appointment.

10. Expect a good doctor to focus on you.

It is important that your health records be saved digitally, but make sure that your doctor is nit busy looking at his monitor and not focussing on you as his patient.

Some doctors are busy typing away when the patient is trying to explain their health issues.

A good doctor is one who gives you his personal attention.

In conclusion, it is important to know how to find the best doctor for men.

Look for a doctor that you can freely share almost anything that you face as a man.

A good doctor can allow you share your health problems, but the best doctor will also help you heart out your personal and health issues that may be affecting you.

The Ultimate Guide on Proper and Safe Masturbation (for Men)

The Ultimate Guide on Proper and Safe Masturbation (for Men)

Although masturbation had been demonized for centuries through the accusation of mental infirmity and shame, most of us now accept that this is a normal activity, and even healthy for both men and women.

And while many sex educators are trying to break down the stigmas around self-pleasure, many people, especially teenagers, don’t get enough instruction about masturbation.

With that in mind, we will give you an ultimate guide to safe and proper masturbation for men.

Keep reading and clearing up some common misconceptions, as well as learning how to perform it correctly.

What is the purpose of masturbation?

Well, we all know that a physical activity like masturbation must serve any purpose since we are not the only creature to do it.

In most mammal species, it is not only a way of responding to the desire to procreate but also familiarizing themselves with the reproductive processes.

That is also the biological purpose of human masturbation, meaning that we perform this activity mainly for the immediate release and enjoyment of a sensual touch.

Also, it can aid in premature ejaculation since you would be more aware of body’s cues and responses during a solo play.

More importantly, masturbation is an enjoyable and easy way to reduce tension or stress, whether it is caused by many reasons.

The Basics of Masturbation in Men

In general, masturbation in men involves using the dominant hand around your penis to put pressure in a swift down-and-up motion.

Nevertheless, just because that is the typical method does not necessarily mean it is the only way to masturbate.

Experimenting with other pressure variations or speeds by adjusting the hold of the fingers or using the non-dominant hand can allow you to explore different yet amazing ways to reach orgasm.

During the masturbation, it is also possible to use the remaining hand to provide yourself with a few caresses on your bodies such as shoulders, neck, inner thighs, and abdomen.

Although it isn’t involved strictly with reaching the orgasm, stimulating the secondary erogenous areas at the same time would enable you to focus more on the pleasure of this act.

To train yourself how to manage the ejaculations and prolong the pleasure, you should practice edging, which means stopping right before you are about to ejaculate.

Common masturbation methods in men

Men often masturbate manually to stimulate their penis at various parts such as the base, head, or shaft.

Each area gives a different degree of sexual pleasure.

For example, the glans or the head of the penis is often more sensitive to a touch than its base, making it a common focus for many people during masturbation.

Here are a couple of common masturbation methods in men:

  • – Fisting: Grab and form a fist around the base of your penis.
  • – Thumbing: Apply different levels of pressures across the penis’s head just with your thumb.
  • – Chortling: Use your index finger and thumb to hold the head of your penis.
  • – Fluting: Touch any parts of your penis only with the tips of your fingers in turn, quite similar to playing the flute.

Effective masturbation techniques in male

Here are 3 effective techniques to improve your masturbation:

 Stop & Go

This technique extends the time needed to reach a climax and gives you a much more gratifying feel.

It begins with gripping your penis with the fisting method as mentioned above, and then stimulating with slow back and forth motions.

When you nearly reach the orgasm or semen starts to accumulate around your urethra, stop the motion for a while.

Repeat this cycle several more times so that you can release a greater amount of semen at the end, which could result in more pleasure.

The squatting

This technique starts in a squatting posture by spreading your legs apart.

Before stimulating the penis, various erogenous areas are activated via touch, like the prostate, nipples, and anus until the erection happens.

Then apply the fisting grip with the pumping motions.

During the process, your penis needs to be vertical, so the pumping movement would be down and up.

Ejaculation usually happens quickly because squatting technique can result in pain or discomfort.

Finger the glans

Although usually used on its own, sometimes this method is performed with other techniques to have better results.

At the stop of other techniques, it might be beneficial to touch your penis’s tip while gripping the shaft with your fingers.

Most of the motion will be performed on the penis’s head because this area decides the sensitivity.

As arousal is nearly reached, start the process again and again.

Where to get the arousal?

Arousal plays an extremely important role in any sexual activities as it can enrich your masturbation process

In addition to these masturbation methods and techniques, there are still many tools that might be used for arousal, including:

Visual components

Most of us often prefer to use visual arousal such as pornographic pictures or videos before and during a masturbation session.

Some men might find it more effective to reach their orgasm while reading the erotic literature and looking at pictures.

In most cases, these materials are often available on the Internet for free, but some people might prefer to collect a movie or magazine in their own hand.

Touching arousal

All men can be aroused by touching.

Simply squeezing or touching the penis might result in an erection quickly.

However, this alone might not be enough to reach a climax.

Thus, somebody might try to improve the feeling by using different forms of lubrication to alter or reduce the friction and extend the pleasure.


If you are more imaginative, perhaps it is easy to masturbate when you are thinking of others that they find appealing in a sexual situation or position.

Sometimes this can be a helpful method to rid yourself of excess desires for a specific person who you have no access in the real world.

Nevertheless, be careful with of developing an obsessive thought towards a person, so make sure to control your imagination.

How to Increase Sperm Count in Semen

How to Increase Sperm Count in Semen

A healthy sperm count is necessary for fertility. Normal semen contains over 40 million sperms per milliliter.

A sperm count lower than 10 million per ml is considered low. Low sperm count can be caused by hormonal abnormalities, prostate gland infection, alcoholism, infected semen and exposure to radiation.

Several remedies can increase sperm count and quality that do not involve expensive procedures.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise enhances your confidence and physical performance. It also raises your testosterone levels.

Research indicates that men who are physically active have higher testosterone levels and better semen quality than those who are inactive.

Weight lifting and outdoor exercises boost your sperm health.

Aerobic exercise is very useful in increasing sperm production. By improving metabolism and reducing stress, it increases the sperm count.

However, avoid too much exercise as it could hurt your sperm production.

Reduce stress

High-stress levels can affect your health and lower your sperm count. Therefore, managing stress is a great way to improve fertility.

Stress raises levels of the cortisol hormone which has adverse effects on testosterone.

Stress management is essential for fertility. You can reduce your stress levels through meditation techniques, taking long walks to clear your mind and taking deep breaths.

Severe anxiety can be treated with medication prescribed by a doctor.

Getting enough rest will help your body relax after a long day and should be your top priority in improving fertility.
Stay hydrated
Drinking a lot of water increases the volume of sperms. You can also use other drinks and beverages to stay hydrated. Remember to drink at least two liters of water daily to maintain healthy body metabolism.


There are plenty of foods that are known to boost sperm production.

You need to change your diet to include a lot of vegetables. Foods rich in zinc and vitamin C are a necessity.

Vitamin C helps in sperm concentration and mobility.

Oxidative stress happens when the level of reactive oxygen species reach harmful levels in the body.

It is accelerated when the antioxidant defenses are overwhelmed by disease, unhealthy lifestyle and old age. Adequate intake of antioxidants such as vitamin C counteracts the effects of oxidative stress. High levels of reactive oxygen species may lead to infertility in men.

Vitamin D boosts testosterone levels and excellent sperm motility.

Zinc is a mineral found in meat, eggs, and fish. Research indicates that adequate intake of Zinc leads to increased testosterone levels and a higher sperm count.

There are zinc supplements available.

Bananas are rich in nutrients they contain enzymes that regulate sex hormones.

The enzyme bromelain leads to increased sperm count.

Avoid fast foods like burgers and French fries as they accumulate unnecessary fat in the body.

Avoid testicular overheating

High temperatures kill live sperm, therefore, reducing its amount during ejaculation. Overheating can be caused by hot baths, tight underwear and infections. Regulating the temperature of your testicles regularly will prevent a low sperm count.

Avoid taking a hot bath and wear loose, cotton boxers to maintain a cold temperature.

Avoid riding a bicycle as they increase heat and also reduce the use of a laptop. Excessive cycling is not suitable for fertility.

This is because of increased pressure applied to the scrotum when cycling which lowers sperm production.

Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine, and Smoking

Low sperm count has been linked to people who take too much alcohol, use tobacco and cocaine. Smoking and caffeine intake is known to constrict blood vessels reducing the supply of blood to the testicles.

Alcohol has an inflammatory effect on body tissues and acts as a form of stress which reduces sperm count.

Monitoring your alcohol intake will reduce inflammation.

Alcohol leads to the production of estrogen which weakens men’s libidos and leads to poor sperm quality. Avoid drinking to improve your testosterone level. However, if you must drink avoid beers as this is most important ever to a number of people.

Cocaine is known to cause erectile dysfunction which is not great for your reproductive health. Marijuana is known for its numerous benefits, but increasing sperm count is not one of them. Avoid it like the plague as far as it is concerned.

Lose weight

If you are obese, consider losing weight to improve fertility. Research indicates that reduced weight increases semen volume, concentration, and mobility. For effective weight loss, consider working with a trainer and watching your diet.

Avoid prescription medication

Some medication decrease sperm production. Once a person stops taking them the sperm count will return to normal. These drugs include antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and anabolic steroids.

Reduce Masturbation

Masturbation can reduce the number of sperms per ejaculation. This is due to the testes needing more time to produce other sperms. More ejaculations mean that the sperm count will be reduced in each of them especially if they are at close intervals. Delaying ejaculation is also essential in maintaining male libido and improving the semen. Prolonging an orgasm increases semen volume and enhances the erection quality.

Check your environment

Make sure you take a shower after being exposed to metals, solvents, pesticides and non-water based paint. The toxins may affect your sperm count. Avoid exposure to excess heat and radiation they are not favorable conditions for sperm production.

Increase healthy fat intake

Healthy fats such as omega 3 and omega six aid in the development of sperm membrane. It is advisable to consume the two omega compounds for improved sperm development and antioxidant benefits as this is also important to many people who are involved.

Reduce cell phone time usage

Most men put their phones in their pockets making them close to the groin area. The sperms are exposed to electromagnetic energy, and this reduces their volume and quality.

Infertility in men is becoming a common phenomenon around the globe.

If you are experiencing low sperm count, focus on improving your general health first before seeking medication. There is no guarantee as to which method will work for you but at least give a healthy lifestyle a try.

After attempting the lifestyle method without success, you can ask your doctor to provide you with a direction on what to do next. Knowing the cause of low blood count will help you identify a solution.

How to Solve Premature Ejaculation

How to Solve Premature Ejaculation

How to solve premature ejaculations

We all have that one special room or place in a house that is inviting and makes you comfortable to engage in any activity or activities with your partner.

This might be the kitchen, living room, library or the bedroom.

This is a space where you create memories, relax in when tired or engage in some tantalizing sexual activities with your partner.

Sex is in itself an amazingly relaxing and mind healing activity that should be fully enjoyed by any couple or partners.

Any sexual activity engaged in by consenting individuals gives a form of satisfaction of varying nature depending on various factors from both men and women.

Some of these factors include the time spent during intercourse before ejaculation, the techniques and positions practiced during sex and many more which include psychological factors.

The amount spent while having sex might be the main factor considered in determining the performance of an individual particularly men as it is considered that the more the time the better the sex.

This could, however, be a worrying factor when you find yourself having problems in lasting for more than a minute into sex before ejaculation.

What is a premature ejaculation?

A premature ejaculation is a situation which occurs in a man where you are not able to control your ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

This occurs when a man is unable to perform thrust during sex for a period of about 60 seconds before ejaculating.

There are also instances where ejaculation could occur before the actual penetration.

This is a situation that not many individuals openly admit to but it has been found to affect one in every three men performing sexual activities.

This is about 20 to 30 percent of all sexually active men of all ages.

This is therefore not a disorder experienced by the older age only but affects men of all ages as low as 18 years old.

Premature ejaculation can be categorized into two depending on the stage of development.

Lifelong: This is a situation where premature ejaculation occurs at any time during sexual intercourse and starts at an early and young age.

Acquired: This is where ejaculation is normal at an early stage but develops into premature ejaculation at a later stage in life.

What are the causes of premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation has over the time been attributed mostly to psychological issues. There have however been studies that show there some biological aspects into the disorder.

Physiological issues

This is the most common issue related to premature ejaculation as the brain is considered to be the main driving factor into an amazing sexual experience.

The main psychological issues that can lead you to have this disorder include anxiety, depression, stress, having a sense of poor body image and a history of sexual abuse.

These issues tend to affect your state of mind and a little stimulation results in a quick arousal and ultimately ejaculation as you have no mental control over it.

Biological issues

These are cases related to your health status and DNA.

Some of the issues related to the disorder include an infection or inflammation on the urethra, abnormal hormones or inheriting the disorder from your family lineage.
Having premature ejaculations might seem like an intense and embarrassing issue.

However, this should not be an issue that should deny you the pleasures of sex as there are five simple and easy solutions to your issue.

Solutions to premature ejaculations

There are several ways that will guarantee you a soft or hard pounding sex session with your partner lasting for the average seven minutes or more before ejaculation.

This, however, needs you to be consistent in following these techniques as many other people fail due to lack of consistency.

Practicing meditation

Your brain controls a significant part of your sexual activities as it gives out commands and signals to your muscles.

Having a relaxed mind and body is guaranteed to give you a long-term solution to your disorder as it will clear out the tension and stress levels built up in your body and thus increases your performance.

Meditation is the best technique to work out your brain which also effectively assists in handling all other techniques.

Training your pelvic floor muscles

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles stands out to be one of the best physical exercises to enhance sexual performance.

The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles responsible for holding in gas or urine for men which are also responsible for holding semen during sex.

These muscles are best exercised when you are calm and seated, walking or when carrying out your normal simple routines.

Contracting these muscles and holding for about 3 seconds gives you the simplest way to strengthen them.

Practice this routine daily and you will certainly feel the results gradually as you engage in sex.

Reducing the intensity

A heated sexual intercourse might lead to quicker ejaculations than intended.

In a situation that you find yourself thrusting and getting closer to ejaculation, I advise you to reduce the intensity of the thrusts to give yourself a few seconds to reenergize.

Practicing this technique over and over will not only give you a longer duration but it will also give you an amazing sex routine.

The stop-start technique

This practice requires you to trust in yourself to stop thrusting when you are almost at your climax.

There is a thin line between ejaculating and an orgasm and they should be separated as they can both be experienced separately.

The stop-start technique enables you to stop and hold your pelvis muscles without the thrust intensity and start all over again.

This might seem tedious but the best trick is changing up the sex positions during the point that you stop.

Using condoms

As you are well aware, condoms tend to reduce the sensitivity and stimulation on your penis and this also reduces the chances of a premature ejaculation.

The use of condoms should be the last resort as it does not guarantee you satisfaction for you and your spouse or partner.

However, this practice ensures that you do not experience the over excitement when stimulated and thus reducing premature ejaculations.


Premature ejaculation is not a permanent disorder and thus should not limit you from enjoying the much needed sexual activity.

Practicing the above techniques will guarantee you an increased sexual performance and a journey towards the best and most satisfying sex of your life.

The Essential Guide to Prostate Health

The Essential Guide to Prostate Health

Anatomy of the Human Male

The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland, which forms an essential part of male sex organs.

It is located below the bladder and surrounds the urethra.

The urethra is a tube that helps in carrying semen (combination of sperm and prostatic fluid) during ejaculation or sexual climax.

Prostatitis or prostate enlargement is a common problem for men under 50.

Men suffering from these prostate problems may have to urinate more often or have a burning feeling while urinating.

Sometimes, they may also feel tired or feverish.

Usually, when we have inflammation in any part of our body, it is indicative of our immune system’s fight with germs or repairing of an injury.

Bacteria or other tiny organisms can be the prime cause behind this infection or disease.

A microscopic examination of urine can give a clear idea about the type of bacteria that causes this problem.

Taking warm baths and changing your diet to more healthy ones can help in getting relief.

Usually, antibiotics in the form of Prostacet capsules are given to kill the bacteria and get relief from inflammation.

Alpha-blockers can help in relaxing prostatic muscle tissue to ease out the situation.

How the Prostate Enlargens

For men above 50, an enlarged prostate is a common problem that can cause them problems having when urinating.

Usually, this organ keeps growing as we age.

But if it grows abnormally, it can lead to squeezing of the urethra.

This creates a pressure on the bladder that lets urine travels through the urethra to affect the bladder control.

Below are some of the common problems related to enlarged prostate:

  • – An urgent and frequent urge to urinate. You may get sleepless nights as you may have to go to the bathroom several times a night.
  • – Men can get a weak stream of urine
  • – You may find it hard to start urinating even though the urge is very high.
  • – You may be able to urinate only a small amount each time you go.
  • – Dribbling or leaking of urine
  • – Small amounts of blood in your urine

BPH can be relieved with the help of prostate massagers that can help improve the circulation of blood.

These devices are basically designed to improve male sexual health.

The massaging of these glands can even let you enjoy ecstatic and powerful orgasms far easier than before.

The stimulation of fresh prostatic fluid with fresh blood circulation into the pelvic area can reduce the risk of any prostatic problems.

They should be used in combination with prostate capsules to help maintain a balanced hormonal level.

These capsules are a blend of natural ingredients that can help in reducing the size of your inflamed prostate to promote health.

They can fulfill the requirement of antioxidant support for the optimum level of health, which is essential to improve blood flow.

The essential supply of vitamins and minerals from these capsules can help in overall improvement of an immune system of our body.

How Can You Keep Your Prostate Free From Surgery?

Surgery of the prostate gland is very common in today’s medication.

Often men complain of problems faced due to inflammation of the prostate gland.

Most of the doctors suggest undergoing a surgery, which is very painful.

Everything depends on the skills of the concerned surgeon.

Therefore, a right kind of surgery is always recommended.

Transurethral Resection

Transurethral resection of the prostate gland or the TURP surgery is a very important operation to help you from this disease.

This operation is very painful, and therefore, surgical avoidance is the best option.

How you can avoid the surgery, is a big question and it is discussed in this article.

During this surgery, an instrument is inserted into the urethra, and thereby it removes the unwanted section of prostrate blocking the pour of your urine.

As it is very unpleasant and painful surgery, it must be avoided.

Can you maintain the prostate gland in the exact shape that is desirable and should have been?

The answer to this question is yes.

If you can maintain it, you can easily avoid the painful surgery.

You must follow certain necessary steps to prevent yourself from facing this gland problem and thereby you can neglect the painful TURP operation.

Therefore, follow the following easy and simple tips and get rid of the throbbing surgery.

Feeding on a healthy diet that is low in fat and is rich in organic foods including fruits and vegetables has been shown to decrease the occurrence of prostate related issues in males.

To reduce the risks of suffering from prostate cancer, men are advised to make use of diets that are low in fat.

Use much more of fats derived from plants than those ones obtained from animals.

Use much more fruits and vegetables instead of taking other forms of snacks.

Eat fish which is really a rich source of omega-3 which is an extremely essential fatty acid in boosting the immune program.

Consume less dairy goods on a every day basis which has been identified to lower the risks of suffering from prostate cancer.

Taking green tea has also been shown to lower situations of prostate cancer and minimize the intake of alcoholic beverages.

Getting overweight has been linked to an elevated danger of suffering from prostate cancer.

Men with a body mass index above 30 are regarded as to be obese which puts them in danger of obtaining prostate cancer.

Males are advised to preserve the appropriate BMI which can be achieved by decreasing the number of calories 1 takes on a day-to-day basis and doing far more workouts.

Males with a wholesome weight are also advised to preserve it as much as they are able to.

Going for a normal medical checkup significantly reduces the probabilities of suffering from prostate cancer.

Investigation shows that many men do not pay attention to matters associated to their own wellness and as a result don’t bother about going for common medical checkups.

Prostate cancer is one condition that could be prevented from occurring through a standard visit to health care providers.

PSA Tests

A PSA test is sufficient to show regardless of whether a man is at risk of receiving prostate cancer if it is done early in life just before cancer develops to an advanced stage.

Males above the age of 30 years are extremely advised to go for a PSA test.

This is majorly to check regardless of whether they are at a danger of suffering from prostate cancer, as one way of preventing prostate cancer.

The Top 7 Exercise Techniques to Increase Penis Size

The Top 7 Exercise Techniques to Increase Penis Size

Most men around the world are perpetually disturbed by the small size of their penis, which can lower their self-esteem and confidence.

These men usually feel scared of facing their partners in bed.

The reason being the fear of being mocked by them during sexual intercourse due to their above-average sexual performance.

A major section of male population around the world searches for effective methods that are safe and effective to get a larger manhood.

If you want to enhance the penile size naturally, you can opt for various natural methods of male enhancement.

These methods can prove to be safe and effective to help you get the penis size of your desire.

There is an abundance of penis enlargement techniques on hand, and some are bad, some worse while a lot of good and effective which can increase penis size and thickness.

The penis enhancement techniques will certainly bring a positive change in your sex life.

You’ll also be surrounded by the women chasing you as soon as they hear what a massive tool you have for their pleasure and satisfaction.

Below are the top 7 techniques to increase penis size:

1. Wake up cloth exercise

To carry out this exercise, you will need a little towel and some warm water.

First, wet the towel in the warm water.

Next, you should wrap your penis and your testicles in the warm towel for about a minute.

Then allow for two minutes of freedom.

Do this for four or five times every day.

In time, you would have gotten the penis size you desire.

Note, however, that at the initial stages of this exercise, you might experience some discomfort and pain from the exercise.

You will adapt as you continue.

2. Jelq With Lubrication

In this exercise, you will need some baby oil.

Let your index finger and your thumb meet, kind of like you are making an “OK” sign.

With your fingers, this way, grab the base of your penis – with your left hand – and move it slowly up to the head of the penis.

When your left-hand gets to the head of your penis, grab the base with the right hand, in the same index finger and thumb method.

This allows blood to flow to the head of your penis.

Ensure that your right hand has taken over from the base before you release the left hand at the head.

Do this about four or five times every day.

This technique is guaranteed to boost length and girth of your penis.

3. Stretching the Penis

Penis stretching is one of the most popular penis exercises.

Its basic principle involves stretching the penile tissues.

This stretching allows for elongation of the cells of the penis, thus making it longer and a little bit thicker.

The emphasis of this technique is on the length and a little on the girth.

This is probably the best exercise to make your penis longer and larger.

4. Flexing the PC Muscle

A lot of people haven’t even heard about the PC muscle.

This muscle can be found in the area between your testicles and your anus.

As a pointer to the direction of this muscle, you are bound to feel this muscle flex the brief moment before you pass out urine.

If you understand where the PC muscle is, then you should know how to do this:

Tense the muscles in such a way that it raises the penis.

Hold it in that position for a couple of seconds, and then relax the muscles.

This should be counted as one repetition.

You should perform this for about a hundred times every day.

5. Penis pumps

These pumps work on the principle of vacuum technology.

They work by creating a vacuum around the phallus, which eventually leads to increased blood circulation into the erectile tissue.

This leads to the engorging the tool with blood to produce stronger erection during sexual intercourse.

The regular use of this device can lead to stretching and expanding of these erectile tissues to be capable of holding more blood.

If you are not comfortable buying this pump from a store, buying it online can be a safe and effective discreet method.

The genuine online resources can help you buy Bathmate, a popular device in this category, without wasting time.

Before opting for this method, you should first fully understand about the pros and cons associated with it.

6. Penile pills

The natural male enhancement pills are possibly one of the most preferred methods of penile size enlargement.

So it is important to have proper knowledge about these pills and how they work in the body to improve your overall sexual experience.

These pills contain natural ingredients and herbal extract that are known to improve the circulatory system of the body.

Eventually, there is enhanced the flow of the blood to the phallus with sexual stimulation.

VigRX pills are known to be number one choice for most couples, who are in a committed relationship and want to revive spark in their sex life.

But the fact is that taking these pills on its own cannot provide fast results.

You need to adopt certain penile exercise programs for satisfaction.

This way your manhood gets the benefit of dual nourishment both internally and externally.

7. Penile Stretcher

For past decade, several devices have been used to increase the size and girth of the male sex organ.

These devices have come across many significant changes in their sizes and designs since their inception on the market.

Penile stretcher or extender is one such size enhancement device that has gained popularity among men due to its effective results.

They are designed to add a few extra inches in the length of your member.

To gain effective results in a considerable amount of time, it is necessary to wear this device regularly.

Extenders work on the principle of traction to stretch the muscles leading to tear and repair of the cells within the tissues.

Our body has a natural tendency to repair its damage to maintain equilibrium.

This eventually leads to a strong musculature of the penis with improved length and girth.

Stretchers are clinically approved to be used effectively without affecting your daily life.

These are some of the top techniques for increasing the penis size.

The Top 6 Penis Enlargement Procedures

The Top 6 Penis Enlargement Procedures

There are plenty of options out there for the man who thinks he’s too small, well, down there.

Today we are going to discuss the top of the list procedures for men to consider when it comes to making their male anatomy bigger.

And while there are more options out there for enlarging your penis, we’ll only talk about half of them.

If you’re considering this type of male enhancement, we also suggest you speak with your doctor.

By doing so the two of you can find a plan that works best for you.

First, however, let’s talk about why a man would want to enlarge his penis in the first place.

This is something that isn’t difficult to understand by trying to remember one thing…when a woman says she doesn’t care about the size of your penis, she means it.

Women really only care about one thing…the penis itself and using it to pleasure themselves.

A bigger penis doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have better sex, it simply means you’ll have a bigger penis.

What you do with it, and how you use it, is up to you.

It’s true that as men age the penis begins to lose its’ luster.

It doesn’t get hard as fast and it doesn’t stay erect as long as it should. That’s why we’re here, to help you out in that department.

Enlargement Pills

While some men shell out big bucks to try out enlargement pills, know that this isn’t always the case.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money trying out pills when many companies are more than happy to send you a free trial of their product.

By participating in a free trial you have the opportunity to determine if something works before actually paying for it.

While many of these companies claim their products are safe and effective, you’ll need to determine this for yourself.

Penis Extender

The penis extender system is a favorite among men who wish to make their penis bigger.

Unlike enlargement pills, the penis extender is backed by scientific studies that do show an enlargement in penis size.

They are recommended by doctors all across the globe.

Did you know that the penis extender is the most popular way to make the penis larger?

Combination of Methods

Most men want to be successful in the bedroom and some men will do anything to make this happen–even trying several different methods at once to enlarge their penis.

Some exercise their penis while taking supplements while making sure at the same time they get their vitamins and minerals.

Doing all of these at once, of course, has its’ risks.

There is no guarantee that by doing any of the above, that your penis will get bigger.

What’s important is that you stick to a routine that you feel is best for you.

If you notice that your penis is larger and that your performance is better in the bedroom, then keep at it.

If what you’re doing isn’t working, it might be time to try something new.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is becoming quite popular when it comes to enhancing the male anatomy.

It’s so popular in fact that it’s become one of the most sought-after procedures when it comes to plastic surgery.

Yes, penis enlargement is considered plastic surgery.

Did you know that Germany is the most popular country for penis enlargement procedures?

One in every five procedures is performed in Germany.

It’s also become more acceptable than it has been in the past.

Penis enlargement surgery is actually called Phalloplasty and it can enlarge a penis by about an inch.

Other surgeries are out there that will enhance the width of the penis as well.

When should one consider penis enlargement surgery?

Do you feel as though your penis is rather small in proportion to the rest of your body?

Would you like to feel more confident in the bedroom? Would a larger penis help you score with the ladies?

Have you been diagnosed with a micro-penis? A micro-penis is an erect penis that is three inches in size or less.

Have you been diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease? Peyronie’s Disease is when a man experiences a bent penis or a painful erection.

Liposuction/Pectoral Implants/Abdominal Etching

Some men consider glandular enhancement which also helps to enlarge the coronal ridge of the glans penis.

Silicone Penis Implant

A surgeon in Los Angeles has invented the silicone penis but for many men the cost is unrealistic.

At $13,000 dollars, the surgery is likely only for the rich and famous, or possibly those with amazing insurance.

The invention is called the Penuma and it only comes in one size….that would be large.

Did you know that the average erect penis is five inches long? For some men, this is too small…because after all, no man wants a small penis.

When considering penis enlargement options, consider both the pros and the cons of having the procedure done. We’ll start with the pros…

Pros of Penis Enlargement

If any of the above procedures do work, and there is no guarantee that they will, you’ll have a bigger, wider penis which will certainly help in the bedroom.

You’ll gain confidence and have more fun between the sheets.

If choosing surgery you can lengthen and widen your penis all at the same time.

You may even experience a sense of masculinity and potency.

Cons of Penis Enlargement

If you choose surgery as your method of enlargement you might experience some pain along with your downtime.

During that downtime, you might need to sit on the couch with a bag of frozen peas on your penis.

You won’t be using it in the bedroom until you get the go-ahead from the doctor that performed the surgery.

With the exception of having surgery, there is no guaranteed method that will enlarge your penis.

You might end up disappointed if you’ve tried everything and you haven’t noticed a change in size.

Consider as well, that the need for a larger penis might be in your head.

While no man wants a small penis, you might need to settle for the one you were given.

Having your penis enlarged is also non-reversible.

Once you have the surgery there is no going back.

Think long and hard before having any sort of penis enlargement done to your body.

No pun intended there, of course.

Are you considering penis enlargement? The choice is up to you. Only you can decide what is right for you, and what is right for your body. Talk to our doctor to determine if penis enlargement is right for you.

The Top 5 Foods to Eat for Male Health

The Top 5 Foods to Eat for Male Health

Food is very important to the daily life of a human being, due to various reasons.

The most important is the ability to supply the necessary nutrients, required for the proper functioning of the body.

If that is not the case, the body immunity will get weak, putting you in a pole position to succumb to diseases.

As a man, you might hit the gym always, but that will not offer significant help to your health.

It will only be facilitating the growth of muscles, leaving behind your health aspect.

There are some extras you need to take care of to get a healthy and fit body, that prevents you from many diseases.

The foods you eat and skip do have a major impact on your health, since they contain important nutrients, that your body needs.

Once you consume them as a man, they go a long way to performing some significant tasks in your body.

I am pretty sure you are wondering about the types of foods that have been recommended for the improvement of your health as a man.

Do not worry, because here we are going to look at some foods that have a significant impact on the male health.

They include;

1.Eat more berries

Quite often you have sneaked into your neighbor’s firm and stole some berries, an undertaking that you did not help boasting about.

I suppose this was when you were young, primitive and with a higher craving for berries which obviously are very sweet.

Maybe at the moment, you were not sure about their significance to your health, because you were just enjoying the much-sought-for sweetness.

Berries go a long way toward enhancing your male health, due to the properties and nutrition it offers.

They contain antioxidants which go a long way in preventing the slowing down of brain functions, which is normal as you start to age.

So basically, it replenishes your brain functions, making them remain at the required standard, in order for you to make rational decisions.

So how do you integrate these berries into your diet? You can do so by simply adding berries to a cereal breakfast or just by eating them as a snack.

Be rest assured that the results will be overwhelming since your brain health will be highly nourished.

2.More Whole Grains

The health of your heart is very important to you as a man, because of the strenuous activities that you are bound to engage in.

So, there is need to really supply it with the necessary nutrients to maintain a nice heart, in preparation to handle such tasks.

Whole grains play an important role in this regard, due to its high fiber benefits, required by the heart.

They improve the health of your heart by strengthening it, because of the reliable nutrients that are supplied.

The most efficient source of whole grains for men is, organic whole grain bread.

With these whole grains, you gain 5 grams of fiber,22 grams of whole grains and 5 grams of protein.

Men can also get whole grains with their turkey sandwich.


Eating more sauerkraut will do you enough good as a man, due to the significant nutrients, it offers to your body.

70% of human beings’ immune system exists in the gut, but many people, to be specific men do forget taking probiotics, which is essential in maintaining stomach health and happiness.

The immune system, ensures that our bodies are fighting well against diseases, thus the need to be strengthened always.

You can eat sauerkraut together with a burger or a hot dog, which do not offer any problems to the gut, as they are easy to digest.

You can also add, chicken breast or turkey burger to ensure taste, but it also acts as a perfect probiotics source.

4.Eat less fatty meats

Most people are into meat eating, especially men, who cannot resist eating roasted meat, mostly during holidays.

This is quite a norm among men, especially after work and with the need to reward themselves by taking meat.

Unfortunately, they take this meat alongside a bottle of beer that also affects their health.

Though it is a sweet delicacy, it comes with some dire consequences, that will negatively affect your health.

Bacon, a type of fatty acids is very delicious, however not the best protein choice for your health.

This is because it is loaded with both saturated and sodium fats, that are linked to causing heart diseases and increase blood pressure.

In case you cannot avoid eating these fatty meats, you can go ahead to satisfy your craving but in a moderate and sparing manner.

But it will be fair enough if you find a perfect substitute for instance whole grains, that do provide you with enough proteins.

5.Fatty fish

Even if you hit hard the gym, run and pump much iron in your body, some TLC is of great importance to you.

The TLC goes a long way to enhancing your circulation system to keep working at the required pace.

Salmon, Trout, Sardines, and Tuna are fatty acids which offer good supplements for your meal schedule.

They supply Omega-3 fatty acids, which is a perfect source of vitamin D, that is normally low in the men’s diet and has to be taken twice every week.

With these important benefits fatty fish brings to your body, it will be better if you incorporated it in your diet.

The results will be, a better health for you, minus any diseases.


Personal health is something that is to be esteemed with much great importance.

This is because it ensures you are able to carry out your activities in the most efficient manner.

A man has a tendency of not having a well-articulated diet, that is just their nature.

However, in order to enhance their male health, great significance has to be given to the foods they take.

This is to ensure the body gets served with the necessary nutrients, to perform tasks with a well-preserved health.