How to Find the Best Doctor for Men.

How to Find the Best Doctor for Men

Most men do not have time to go for regular health check-ups or even make time for doctor’s appointment.

However, as a man, being proactive about your health will help to increase your life expectancy and even improve the general quality of your life.

Finding the best doctor for yourself can be quite a daunting task. However, getting in touch with a good doctor for men will put you on the right track health wise.

This is because there are doctors who have specialized in ailments and diagnoses that are particular for men like prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction among others.

The following tips might help you find the best doctor for men.

1. Find out the best type of doctor for you.

For you to be able to find the best doctor, you need to determine which kind of doctor will be most suitable for your needs.

The best possible way you can be able to do so is to do a little background check of your medical history.

This will make it easy for you to know whether you need a specialist doctor or just a primary doctor.

If you have a history of suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, then you may need to settle for an internist.

An internist is more trained in examining organ systems and such kind of treatment. For a more holistic approach, a family doctor would be the best.

2. Determine what qualities you want in your ideal doctor.

Think of the ideal doctor like your perfect spouse.

What kind of qualities are you looking for? What are the kind of traits that would make you pick one doctor and not the other?

Come up with a list of qualities that you would like your doctor to have.

One useful tip that most men use is they end up picking a doctor with whom they have something in common.

3. Ask for referrals.

When you are looking for the best doctor for men, do not hesitate to ask around for referrals.

You can ask your close male friends or relatives about their own personal doctors and make a decision.

Make sure that you ask your friend why he prefers their doctor.

You might find they prefer a strict doctor yet you would want someone who is approachable and you can share absolutely anything concerning your health.

4. Search for online reviews.

It is virtually impossible to buy anything online without going through customer reviews.

Check the doctor’s clinic online website and other social media platforms to find out what clients are saying about the doctor.

Be careful because reviews might only review information that is shallow about the doctor but may not state the fact that he normally has the habit of prescribing expensive antibiotics for simple infections.

5. Confirm the panel size.

It is very important to find out how many patients your doctor sees on average.

A big panel size means that your doctor is a busy one. You do not want to settle for a doctor whom no one wants to see.

According to a study documented in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the average size of a doctor’s patient panel exceeds 2300 patients.

Also be careful of doctors who are too busy because they may not afford you enough time.

6. Inquire how you will reach your doctor.

It is important that you make inquiries on how you will be reaching your doctor in case of an emergency or any personal question

This you can ask the doctor’s office staff before you make your choice on having that particular doctor as your personal doctor.

There are instances where the doctor’s personal assistant will answer to your calls before transferring it to the doctor, or there are doctors that are more hands on and will answer your call personally.

It depends on what you are comfortable with.

If for instance you are nervous about lab results and one of the staff calls you, if you ask to personally talk to the doctor and the staffs denies you the chance, you might as well consider another specialist.

7. Get a good fit.

If you are looking to find the best doctor for men, you might find one with all the qualifications but there is still something that is not clicking between the two of you.

It is important that when you meet a new doctor, try to get a feel of him. Ask him a few questions but don’t get personal.

You might be surprised that you actually share a few things in common. This will make you feel comfortable sharing the medical issues that you may have

If your doctor is the kind of person who does not explain to you why he is making certain prescriptions for instance, quickly dismisses or avoids some of your questions, then you might have to consider another physician.

8. Brace yourself for the embarrassing questions.

If your doctor does not ask you the kind of questions that will make you go pink, then you might still need to look for another doctor.

Even when you meet him for the first time, expect a good doctor to ask you general questions about your family history as well as personal questions that would probably make you blush.

A good doctor ought to know that your personal life plays a big role in your health status.

So expect questions about your drinking habits, sexual life, sleep patterns among other things.

9. Get quality time.

Ensure that your doctor gives you quality time, otherwise what would be the essence of paying consultation fees?

Doctors can be quite busy, but good doctors still set aside quality time for their patients.

Make sure that you are satisfied with the amount of time that the doctor spends on you as a patient so that you get maximum benefit out of the appointment.

10. Expect a good doctor to focus on you.

It is important that your health records be saved digitally, but make sure that your doctor is nit busy looking at his monitor and not focussing on you as his patient.

Some doctors are busy typing away when the patient is trying to explain their health issues.

A good doctor is one who gives you his personal attention.

In conclusion, it is important to know how to find the best doctor for men.

Look for a doctor that you can freely share almost anything that you face as a man.

A good doctor can allow you share your health problems, but the best doctor will also help you heart out your personal and health issues that may be affecting you.