The Ultimate Guide on Proper and Safe Masturbation (for Men)

The Ultimate Guide on Proper and Safe Masturbation (for Men)

Although masturbation had been demonized for centuries through the accusation of mental infirmity and shame, most of us now accept that this is a normal activity, and even healthy for both men and women.

And while many sex educators are trying to break down the stigmas around self-pleasure, many people, especially teenagers, don’t get enough instruction about masturbation.

With that in mind, we will give you an ultimate guide to safe and proper masturbation for men.

Keep reading and clearing up some common misconceptions, as well as learning how to perform it correctly.

What is the purpose of masturbation?

Well, we all know that a physical activity like masturbation must serve any purpose since we are not the only creature to do it.

In most mammal species, it is not only a way of responding to the desire to procreate but also familiarizing themselves with the reproductive processes.

That is also the biological purpose of human masturbation, meaning that we perform this activity mainly for the immediate release and enjoyment of a sensual touch.

Also, it can aid in premature ejaculation since you would be more aware of body’s cues and responses during a solo play.

More importantly, masturbation is an enjoyable and easy way to reduce tension or stress, whether it is caused by many reasons.

The Basics of Masturbation in Men

In general, masturbation in men involves using the dominant hand around your penis to put pressure in a swift down-and-up motion.

Nevertheless, just because that is the typical method does not necessarily mean it is the only way to masturbate.

Experimenting with other pressure variations or speeds by adjusting the hold of the fingers or using the non-dominant hand can allow you to explore different yet amazing ways to reach orgasm.

During the masturbation, it is also possible to use the remaining hand to provide yourself with a few caresses on your bodies such as shoulders, neck, inner thighs, and abdomen.

Although it isn’t involved strictly with reaching the orgasm, stimulating the secondary erogenous areas at the same time would enable you to focus more on the pleasure of this act.

To train yourself how to manage the ejaculations and prolong the pleasure, you should practice edging, which means stopping right before you are about to ejaculate.

Common masturbation methods in men

Men often masturbate manually to stimulate their penis at various parts such as the base, head, or shaft.

Each area gives a different degree of sexual pleasure.

For example, the glans or the head of the penis is often more sensitive to a touch than its base, making it a common focus for many people during masturbation.

Here are a couple of common masturbation methods in men:

  • – Fisting: Grab and form a fist around the base of your penis.
  • – Thumbing: Apply different levels of pressures across the penis’s head just with your thumb.
  • – Chortling: Use your index finger and thumb to hold the head of your penis.
  • – Fluting: Touch any parts of your penis only with the tips of your fingers in turn, quite similar to playing the flute.

Effective masturbation techniques in male

Here are 3 effective techniques to improve your masturbation:

 Stop & Go

This technique extends the time needed to reach a climax and gives you a much more gratifying feel.

It begins with gripping your penis with the fisting method as mentioned above, and then stimulating with slow back and forth motions.

When you nearly reach the orgasm or semen starts to accumulate around your urethra, stop the motion for a while.

Repeat this cycle several more times so that you can release a greater amount of semen at the end, which could result in more pleasure.

The squatting

This technique starts in a squatting posture by spreading your legs apart.

Before stimulating the penis, various erogenous areas are activated via touch, like the prostate, nipples, and anus until the erection happens.

Then apply the fisting grip with the pumping motions.

During the process, your penis needs to be vertical, so the pumping movement would be down and up.

Ejaculation usually happens quickly because squatting technique can result in pain or discomfort.

Finger the glans

Although usually used on its own, sometimes this method is performed with other techniques to have better results.

At the stop of other techniques, it might be beneficial to touch your penis’s tip while gripping the shaft with your fingers.

Most of the motion will be performed on the penis’s head because this area decides the sensitivity.

As arousal is nearly reached, start the process again and again.

Where to get the arousal?

Arousal plays an extremely important role in any sexual activities as it can enrich your masturbation process

In addition to these masturbation methods and techniques, there are still many tools that might be used for arousal, including:

Visual components

Most of us often prefer to use visual arousal such as pornographic pictures or videos before and during a masturbation session.

Some men might find it more effective to reach their orgasm while reading the erotic literature and looking at pictures.

In most cases, these materials are often available on the Internet for free, but some people might prefer to collect a movie or magazine in their own hand.

Touching arousal

All men can be aroused by touching.

Simply squeezing or touching the penis might result in an erection quickly.

However, this alone might not be enough to reach a climax.

Thus, somebody might try to improve the feeling by using different forms of lubrication to alter or reduce the friction and extend the pleasure.


If you are more imaginative, perhaps it is easy to masturbate when you are thinking of others that they find appealing in a sexual situation or position.

Sometimes this can be a helpful method to rid yourself of excess desires for a specific person who you have no access in the real world.

Nevertheless, be careful with of developing an obsessive thought towards a person, so make sure to control your imagination.